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Marsh Professional Simulators read depositions in court in a realistic and engaging manner.
Marsh Professional Simulators can also bring scenarios to life around litigation which allows lawyers to experience the pressure and emotion of a court appearance or deposition before the actual experience.
Often cases call for a complex matter to be easily understood by laypeople.  Simulators serve as practice jurors – with the ability to listen and provide feedback without the finality of a courtroom decision.
Legal PerformanceWhether the issue is likeability, appearance or affect, industry jargon that requires a more simplistic approach and understanding, or the ability to be persuasive and believable, Marsh Professional Simulators are trained to listen and critique the message, the delivery and the performance.

Learning to address witnesses, speak to juries, and deliver an effective argument are the keys to success in court.  Simulators create a realistic portrayal of witnesses and jurors, which allow legal professionals to become proficient in use of appropriate language, word choice, delivery and manner in a simulated setting.