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Management Assessment MeetingMarsh Professional Simulators create realistic business scenarios designed to measure management candidates in a broad range of scenarios. By simulating business circumstances and decision-making opportunities, senior managers and human resource professionals have the chance to assess performance and leadership qualities in a safe environment.

Consider the possibilities:

  • Assess leadership qualities as a management candidate leads several simulators through a meeting designed to facilitate group consensus and decision making.  Simulators assume the roles of the independent thinker, the office renegade, the reluctant participant and the all-too-agreeable co-worker.
  • Monitor managerial candidates as they conduct a difficult employee evaluation meeting, suggest corrective behavior or deliver an unpopular message.
  • Assess executives as they work for a particular goal in a role-playing environment.
  • Develop effective employee communication skills in managerial candidates as they deliver a sensitive message or explain changes in employee benefits and compensation plans. Simulators serve as the core constituents: the persistent naysayer, the team player, the non-responsive staffer and/or the management adversary.