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Marsh Professional Simulators work under the direction of medical school and continuing education faculty to create realistic simulations designed to develop and assess medical professional-patient communication skills.
Medical students learn to look for cues in body language and eye contact, get an accurate history, develop rapport and broach difficult subjects.  
In a continuing education setting, experienced doctors, fellows, residents, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses learn to hone their patient communication and assessment skills.  Medical professionals have the opportunity to develop skills that will allow them to interview patients and compile an efficient, accurate history.  Professionals learn to develop valuable communication strategies and tools to deal with difficult or sensitive situations.  The simulation experience allows practice situations for giving bad news, discussing palliative care issues, family meetings, motivational interviewing (drugs, alcohol, smoking, obesity), adolescent interviewing and many other necessary, but challenging, communications.

Marsh Professional Simulators follow scripted protocol, but are trained to adjust to the immediate simulation conditions – providing feedback for improvement, displaying a broad range of emotions and modifying their performance on-demand, as necessary.