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  Marsh Professional Simulators provides experienced actors for real-time/real-life training, testing and evaluation for business, legal, medical and service professionals.  Marsh simulators serve as role-players, replicating real-life situations, events and interactions in a safe learning environment.  
  By creating opportunities for authentic interplay, Marsh Professional Simulators afford facilitators and evaluators a means to develop skills, measure performance and test behaviors in a controlled environment.  Simulators are trained professionals with the ability to mimic real-life situations for teaching and evaluation without the consequences of  real life.  
  Marsh Professional Simulators create learning or training situations modeled to simulate actual scenarios that replicate real life in your environment.  The simulation allows participants to develop and test their skills while experiencing the intensity, emotion and dynamics of a real-time/real-life experience without the risk of a negative outcome.

  Marsh Professional Simulators provide prompts or clues designed to encourage particular behaviors to reinforce your goals and skill sets, without compromising the experience. They can adjust on-demand to meet your immediate needs.

  Marsh Professional Simulators are trained to provide immediate constructive feedback that is learner-centered and behavior-based.  Marsh Professional Simulators are comfortable working one-on-one, in front of small or large groups.