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"Marsh Professional Simulators creates a safe, learning lab with realistic cases and scenarios filled with detail and emotion for our technically skilled apprentices to improve their interpersonal skills. The use of their professional actors makes it hard to create the same product with non-actors. They provide a valued partership to help Steamfitters Local Union #449 achieve our goals in gaining, serving and retaining our valued customers”

Dale P. Glavin, Jr.
Director of Training

Butch Dee
Customer Service Training Instructor
Steamfitter's Local #449

"Thank you for working with us on our educational programs for the Pediatric residents  at Children’s.  The simulators we’ve used in the Communication Course and the Death  and Dying Workshop have consistently been outstanding.  Our residents work with them  as though they are parents in realistic settings.  We truly consider you and the simulators  as our co-faculty in the course.  The learning experience for the residents has been  excellent and effective.”

Dena Hofkosh, M.D
Pediatric Residency Program Director
UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

"These extraordinary actors simulated families of critically ill patients in a 3-day workshop we conducted to train intensive care physicians in skills for communicating with families.  The actors were so realistic in their roles that although I knew they were acting, have almost 20 years of experience as an intensive care physician, and have used actor-simulators for other medical teaching, I was literally brought to tears by the emotion and humanity in the sessions.  In fact, when I saw actors this year who had simulated families in our teaching program last year, I had that powerful, gut wrenching feeling I get when I am visited in the ICU by a family whose loved one we cared for in the past.  I am certain that the quality of the simulations by this troupe was a huge factor in the incredible success of our teaching program. They inspired us, the faculty as well as the trainees, to perform at our highest level."

Judith Nelson, MD, JD
Professor of Medicine,
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

"The skill of these actors is a key to the success of the course -both the learning for the doctors and the improved experiences for people affected by cancer that result. The actors play the patient roles extremely realistically in that the experience for the doctor closely replicates that in the clinic or the hospital ward. The doctors can try out and learn new ways to talk to people in an environment that feels both real and believable but is also safe. This enables them to take risks, try out new skills, practice them and have feedback from the course facilitators and the actors."

Dr Jonathan Adler
Physician in Palliative Medicine
Wellington Hospital

Dr Anne O’Callaghan
Physician in Palliative Medicine
Auckland Hospital

"DDI has been creating and delivering behaviorally-based leadership assessment  simulations for many of the world’s most succ essful corporations for over 30 years.  To  ensure reliability, consistency and the most professionally delivered assessment  experience for senior executives at one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies,  DDI turned to Marsh for help.  Marsh provided us with high-caliber, professionally-trained simulators who were quickly able to come up to speed on the content of the  assessment, and deliver a high quality day-in-the-life experience for one of DDI’s most  important global clients  We continue to run with Marsh because of their team’s  reliability, consistency and flexibility;  they are truly an integral part of the DDI delivery  team.”  

John DeSantis,
Manager, Consulting Services
Development Dimensions International

“For over 15 years these talented actors have helped teach students how to communicate skillfully with patients.  Best of all,  they are skilled at providing valuable feedback to the learner from the patient’s point of  view, in keeping with the goals of the session.  The simulation coordinators work with  my teaching goals to train and prepare the actors to join with me in teaching the students.   Students and teachers agree:  the simulations provided by Marsh make the course the  skill learning experience it is.”

Laurel Milberg, Ph.D.
Retired Director, Behavioral Science
Forbes Family Medicine Residency Program
West Penn Hospital, Forbes Regional Campus

"At Trane we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.  Using Marsh Professional Simulators, our Operations technicians and managers practice skills sets needed to deal with internal and external customers in challenging situations.  With “in your face” emotion and detail, the Marsh Simulators create hostile interactions for our Trane personnel to experience and experiment with, in a safe, learning environment.  Their constructive feedback was an added bonus . . . straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  Our Trane team members focus on their strengths and adjust their strategies to improve customer relations and satisfaction.  During the MPS four hour simulations, our team members learn new interpersonal skills or tools by discussing, watching and most importantly, doing – fully engaged."

Denny Licht.
Control Sales Manager,
Indiana Trane
Ingersoll Rand

"Marsh has taught and directed patient simulators to the point where they evoke real  compassion, biases, anger, tears, - from interviewing medical students and residents.   The beauty of these simulators is their malleability.  With these professionals we can  replay, correct and sculpt the interview so that the interviewer has multiple learning experiences within a consolidated amount of time.  Marsh’s cast of simulators provides  an excellent educational experience for physicians as well as many other professional  groups.”

Lee Reichbaum, Ph.D.
Behavioral Medicine Coordinator
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital
Department of Internal Medicine

"Marsh Simulators serve as an invaluable resource in the training of health care  professionals.  They quickly create a realistic environment which provides the learner  with opportunities to practice new skills and hone established ones.  I have worked with  Marsh Simulators for over 15 years, and have been impressed with their flexibility in  modulating the  case material to the learner’s specific needs.  They have mastered the art  of becoming co-teachers, listening carefully to the faculty facilitators and seeking  opportunities to  provide experiences which will allow the learner to grow and succeed.   They bring a positive outlook, and the desire to enhance the learner’s experiences, by  providing  specific, constructive feedback.  Hire them now!”

William I. Cohen M.D.
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician
Director, Down Syndrome Center of Western PA
UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

"The UPMC McKeesport Family Practice Residency Program utilizes Marsh  simulators for each new class of residents to learn the basic skills of patient interviewing.   This experience for residents is invaluable largely due to the simulators’ expertise in  portraying real-life patient concerns.  The patient simulators afford the residents a safe  environment to establish a patient-doctor relationship.  At the end of each encounter, the  residents are provided one-to-one and group feedback from the simulators on their  interviewing skills.  The faculty feels the patient-doctor simulation is an important tool  for teaching the residents.”

Nina Tomaino, ME.D., M.A.
Retired, Behavioral Scientist
UPMC McKeesport,
Family Practice Residency Program